Just A few words about my website and what is represented here. This site was put up primarily as a means to showcase some of the knives that I have made over the past 24 years and also act as an outlet for offering the knives that I am currently producing.
My interest in knives goes back to my childhood when I was fascinated by every folding knife that I saw. It was not until I became a Tool & Die Maker in 1988 that I was able to turn that interest into a hobby. By 1991 the costs associated with this new hobby began to grow and I decided to try and sell a few pieces at a local knife show. To my surprise I was actually well received and managed to sell a few pieces. That was quite some time ago and at present I am pursuing knifemaking as a occasional part time business.


My knifemaking experience has been a lot of fun and I have met many fine individuals through the business. I'm especially grateful to a few fellow makers for a lot of assistance along the way. A local veteran maker, Tom Downing, proved very encouraging to me as I was beginning. One of the best folder makers I have had the pleasure of meeting, W.D. Pease, was also instrumental in sharing with me many techniques that proved invaluable and helped to improve my work .


In 1988 I started my first year as a Tool & Die apprentice. By my third year as an apprentice I set out to make a crude knife. I would have been content to be able to make a sharp piece of metal...(really). A fellow apprentice and friend got involved and said "Oh, no, let's make folders!". He never did make that folder that I know of. But I did and I haven't stopped yet.

In the fall of 1991 I did my first small local knife show. Intimidated as I was, it came off well and I started planning for the next show...

I was continually striving to learn more and continually seeking out other knifemakers for help and most were very accommodating. Eventually I began making Interframe folders which are my favorite type of knife because they lend themselves well to engraving.

My first big show came in 1993 when I did the Blade Show in Atlanta. As luck would have it I won the award for the Best New Maker that year. I am very proud of that award because of how talented the competition is.

By 1994 I started involving myself in the photography end of the business. I have always loved photography and here was a way to have fun and justify buying more equipment. It also saves me money and time by not having to send a valuable knife off through the mail.

In 1996 after speaking with an engraver friend, Jere Davidson, I decided to take a shot at engraving. Jere was kind enough to let me come to his home for some personal instruction on the basics. Engraving is a unique craft of it's own apart from knifemaking and takes quite some time to develop the various skills necessary to do a professional job.

All this brings me to the present day where I continue to improve on the skills that I have developed to produce higher quality knives with each one that I finish.